Triple-X Workers' Solidarity Association of B.C.



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Triple-X Member Benefits

  • Member Orientation – Welcome to Triple-X! We'll show you how Triple-X works and answer all of your questions.
  • A Vote – Define and grow your own association so that it better serves you and your fellow members.
  • Unique Triple-X Name – Claim a work or stage name that no other member can use.
  • E-mail Listserv – Receive and share news reports, up-coming events and good discussion.
  • Social Media – Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @XXXWorkers.
  • Annual BBQ Meet other Triple-X members and enjoy an afternoon of good food and good company.
  • XXX Member Webpage Set up a members-only webpage with your details and photos at (set-up fee).
  • Members-Only Button – Wear our XXX button and use it on your own website and advertising.

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Created: November 21, 2012
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