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Triple-X Aims

Triple-X Workers stand together

  • for fair wages and minimum rates
  • against laws and regulations that discriminate against us
  • to ensure regulations treat us with validity, fairness and respect
  • against unprotected sexual contact in our workplace
  • to play an active role in British Columbia's response to our work including public health, municipal regulation, and workplace safety
  • against abuse, exploitation and harassment of all workers

Confidentiality Policy

In the course of your membership in and/or work for Triple-X you may learn certain facts about people — members, staff, directors, volunteers and others — that are of a highly personal and confidential nature. You understand that, unless the person concerned says you can tell any information to others, all such information must be considered confidential and is to be treated accordingly. You agree therefore not to disclose any such information to any person without the specific permission of the individual concerned. Examples of such information include medical condition, involvement in Triple-X work, gender identity, HIV or Hep C status, sexual orientation, substance misuse, home or work phone number and addresses, criminal charges or record, and other personal facts.

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